Influence of Stability of Silica Slurry on Defect Performance

NITTA HAAS INCORPORATED  Hiroshi Kimura, Koichi Yoshida

Recently, the improvement in the defect performance is demanded more strongly due to the shrinking of the semiconductor device design rule. Generally, it is considered that there is a correlation between the defect performance of oxide polishing and the numbers of agglomerated particles (Large Particle Counts) in slurry. Large Particle Counts in slurry mostly depends on the dispersion process and the filtration process. However it has not been progressive improvement in recent years. In this study, the dynamic stability of silica particle was focused on. Based on the assumption that particles agglomerating by some dynamic load during polishing are causing defects. The dynamic stability was controlled by modifying the silica surface and it was clarified that the defect performance can improve by controlling it.

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