High Removal Rate Pad in Silicon Polishing

Nitta Haas Inc. Takuya Sakaguchi, Yoshitaka Tsunashima, Yoshitaka Morioka, Nobuyuki Oshima

In the semiconductor wafer polishing, the removal rate is an important element and is also esteemed in development of a polishing pad. Usually, polyurethane resin is used as polishing pad. However, a possibility that several resin for example polyethylene, polypropylene or others will be also the effective material is expected. Even when it was limited to only polyurethane resin, it's possible to get the material with the polishing performance by changing the kind or the combination of raw materials of which urethane is composed. This study, we inspected the polishing performance of the resin and considered about a mechanism by investigating the properties of that for the purpose of finding the most suitable material to get the high removal rate.

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