Silicon wafer

The polishing pads and slurries are manufactured and sold for the silicon wafer industries where technical innovation continues. Our pads are designed to enable our customers to produce better flatness, low defect and higher productivity in the stock and second polishing, and scratch and haze-free surfaces at the final polishing.

Silicon wafer pad

SUBA™ Series

SUBA™ series are felt based pad and designed for the stock and second step polishing of silicon wafer.

Silicon wafer<シリコンウェーハ用>

MH™ Series / EXTERION™ Series

MH™ and EXTERION™ series are made of polyurethane using our advanced foaming control technique and designed for stock and second step polishing of silicon wafer. MH series are characterized as the higher flatness in the 200mm and 300mm wafer polishing. EXTERION™ series are the next generation product line of MH™ that contributes better surface quality of leading edge wafer process.

Silicon wafer<シリコンウェーハ用>

Supreme™ Series

Supreme™ series are final polishing pad to make "defect free" and to remove particles on silicon wafer.

Silicon wafer slurry

Nanopure™ Series

Nanopure™ series are designed for stock removal and final polishing process in the silicon wafer manufacturing. Nanopure series are characterized as the high frictional slurry which creates higher flatness, lower defect and higher productivity.

Silicon wafer<シリコンウェーハ用>


Template assembly

Template assemble is the product to affix silicon wafer to the carrier plate of a polishing machine without using mounting wax. Our Template assembly offers excellent flatness and improves productivity through their automated operations. We provide a wide variety of sizes and component materials to meet the specific demands of our customers.