Glass substrate

This product is usable for glass substrate polishing. It shows excellent performance in flatness polishing for LCD glass substrate, glass disks, photo masks, color filters and ITO layer.

Glass substrate pad


The EXTERION™ C series are polyurethane pad which are made from our advanced foam control technologies. Used in stock polishing of glass substrate, through further combination with various polishing particles, they can provide a high-grade finish and reliable polishing performance. Also, our unique processing technologies give them advanced thickness accuracy and break-in performance.

Glass substrate<ガラス基板用>

Supreme™ Series

Supreme™ RN-H have a two-layer pad with a polyurethane foam layer. They can be applied final polishing and flatness polishing for LCD glass substrate or similar. While maintaining flatness, they offer excellent polishing characteristics including high uniformity and low defects.

Glass substrate slurry

Machplaner™ ST Series

A slurry primarily composed of alumina and colloidal silica, used in glass substrate polishing or similar, where a high quality surface is required. It performs with high removal rate and low defect to meet extreme demands for customers.

Glass substrate<ガラス基板用>