25.10.2017New Technical Info was Released

Influence of Stability of Silica Slurry on Defect Performance

   In advanced semiconductor devices with advanced technological innovation, advanced functions are becoming more sophisticated by miniaturization and the performance levels required by our valued customers for the CMP process are higher and higher. Among them, they strongly requested the improvement on “defect”. This study indicates that silica, which is contained CMP slurry enables to improve performance on defect by reformulation of the particle surface in order to improve dynamic stability.
   The result of this study was published at 2017 JSPE (The Japan Society for Precision Engineering) Autumn Meeting held in September.


The Effect of Slurry pH and Particle Size on LiTaO3 Polishing

  Along with high functionality of smart phones, the demand for electronic parts such as SAW devices has become high. 
  This study describes the observation of how pH and particle size of CMP slurry contribute the polishing performance on CMP of LiTaO3 which is to be supporting substrate for SAW device. Please see the above pages for more details on this study.


  Nitta Haas Inc. will continue to develop polishing technology that contributes “Advanced Surface Creation” at customers as a leading company of CMP polishing materials.

※Product for Semiconductor devices

※Product for Compound wafers