24.03.2014Nitta Haas Honored with 2014 “Toshiba Partnership Award”

The trophy of a partnership award

The trophy of a partnership award

Nitta Haas Inc. has been recognized with a 2014 “Partnership Award” from Toshiba Corporation’s Semiconductor & Storage Products Company from its Yokkaichi Operations. Nitta Haas received this award for identifying solutions that simplified both the CMP pad inspection and pad testing process, thereby improving the productivity of its IC1000™ polishing pads. These enhancements contributed for reducing cost of ownership (COO) for Toshiba.

“We are honored to receive this award, which recognizes our on-going efforts to support our customers’ business,” said Dr. Masaharu Kinoshita, President (current Special adviser), Nitta Haas, Inc. “It reflects positively on the results of our close collaboration with our customers and demonstrates the value of the products and services we provide.”

Nitta Haas serves the semiconductor and related industries with advanced technology that supports the advancement of device shrinks and increased power for semiconductor devices. For CMP, the company offers materials for planarizing and polishing semiconductors, silicon wafers and sapphire substrates including hard and soft pads and unique slurries.