Process Of Semiconductor Device

Several hundred process steps are needed for semiconductor device (memory, CPU etc.) manufacturing.
The CMP is a newly necessary process in each key process step, and it becomes more important in advanced processes that are trending toward higher density in a vertical direction.
Furthermore, CMP process have been applied for wafer thinning process (backside polishing) after grinding. This means CMP is now expanding into the packaging process area as well.

Circuit design
Silicon wafer
Pattern design
Film deposition
Photo mask making
Photoresist coating
Ashing / Cleaning
Development / Etching
Shallow Trench Isolation (STI)+CMP
Gate process+CMP
Contact process+CMP
Interconnect process+CMP

+CMPCMP process

At Nitta Haas, we have the three Imperial Regalia for the CMP process; “pads”, “slurries” and “conditioners”. This combination offering can deliver a total solution that can be done only by Nitta Haas.

Pad, Slurry, Conditioner
Smart, essential techniques